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Are you aware that we sell dedicated IP addresses? What are dedicated IPs and what are they used for?

A dedicated IP (Internet Protocol) is a unique Internet address dedicated exclusively to a single hosting account. Normally, several hosting accounts reside on a single server and share that server's IP address. Dedicated IP addresses are usually used for large SSL-encrypted secure websites and particularly large and/or traffic-heavy sites. Most shared hosting users have no particular need for a dedicated IP address.

However, a dedicated IP address for your hosting account enables you to:

  • View your website via its IP address.
  • Access your accounts by FTP or the Web when the domain name is otherwise inaccessible, such as during domain name propagation periods.
  • Ensure faster response during periods of high traffic load.
  • Set up SSL protection on your website.

Bytes Hosting Sells Dedicated IPs

We have activated the purchase of dedicated IPs as an 'Add-on' so that it can be purchased bundled with a domain name and web hosting order.

Expect more exciting features/services on Bytes Hosting for your usage and online protection.

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Monday, September 7, 2015

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